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January 31, 2010

Birthday Trip to Broga Hill, Semenyih

31st January is my date of birth. For year 2010, I purposely organized a 1-day-birthday trip to Broga Hill, Semenyih. Birthday trip? Just an excuse so that everyone can make it, LOL! So lucky, it falls on Sunday, everybody is free and able to attend, especially my secondary friends, 5S1-ians!!! Firstly, I wanna thanks to those who attended this 1-day-birthday trip to Broga Hill, I'm glad that most of you can make it! It meant a lot to me! Thank you thank you thank you!

Ok, so we gathered at Taman Melati McDonald and started our journey at 6am. We used the MRR2 and entered the exit to Taman Connaught, Cheras whereby there is a green signboard stated to Semenyih too. To get there was so simple, just keep following the signboard to Kajang/Semenyih until a traffic light which has a small signboard stated 'Broga 500m', then, turn left and you'll get there by going straight to a rabbit farm, make sure you'll pass by University of Nottingham. By just following the signboard to Kajang/Semenyih, we passed by 2 tolls, 1st toll costed RM1 while the 2nd toll costed RM0.90. We touch & we go~

We reached Broga Hill about 7:20am and we started to follow the pathways as soon as we get there, to see the sunrise (although it's late). From what I've observed, there were 4 peaks whereby the pathways were there for us to follow. Before going up, you'll see a rabbit farm at the bottom of the hill and it's located oppositely. You have to walk a short distant in a oil palm plantation, very short indeed. You can either park your car inside that plantation with surcharge of RM2 (private land mah, that's how they make money) or else you park by the road side for free, but at your own risk (then walk further a bit lor).

Image 1: The sun on 1st peak.
Image 2: The sun on 1st peak.Image 3: The sun on 1st peak.
Image 4: The rising sun.
Image 5: The sun.
Image 6: Just look at these 3 peaks.
Image 7: Just look at the crowds, partially.Image 8: Peak 4, Malaysia flag was there.

Wow, I never expected that there were so many public on the hill, perhaps they wanna celebrate my birthday? Just kidding, what to do, it was Sunday after all. Ohya, guess what, I sacrificed 1 of my old shoes (admiral basketball shoes) while reaching the 1st peak, luckily I brought along a pair of slippers in my beg, because I knew this thing gonna happen (did not use that shoes for nearly 4 years). But in the end, I bare my feet , from 3rd peak to 4th peak and all the way back down to the oil palm plantation. Well, it was not pain, but from the 1st peak to bottom was pain! Overall, it was damn tiring but yet fun! I'm gonna go there again somehow, very soon! And I'm sure that I'm gonna go earlier, to catch sunrise! Ohya, a simple tip, make sure bring along a torch if you're going early. Uh, I just like the scene and the almost-cold wind at there!

*p/s: All of the pictures were taken with my dad's Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7. More images are available in my facebook @ HERE.

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  1. hello. i just wanted to ask, is there any rest house/ hotel nearby broga hills? because my friend and i planned to stay overnight before we get up early for the climbing. thanks ya. hope to hear from you soon.